Christmas is coming

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Halloween is done and we loved it.
But for me, all that's left of 2014 is the big one; CHRISTMAS!

Why not order with Brownie Heaven this Christmas? Imagine your Christmas party or last shift in the office blessed with brownies. They are great for sharing and with our vast range of flavours and sizes; there is something for everyone.


We have packs of 8 & 12 for our smaller orders, right up to our special Mountains (40 pieces).


You can even order well in advance and it will be delivered on the date of your choosing. Equally, if you forget and leave things a bit late, we deliver the next day with orders placed before 3pm!


You really can't go wrong with Brownie Heaven this Christmas.
Feel free to contact us regarding any requests:


Wheatus got their chance to Eat Us.

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Our good friend Danny Allen went to see New York rockers 'Wheatus' on Friday. Wheatus are best known for their 2000 single "Teenage Dirtbag" which is always a favourite at parties and features on several TV shows & films. (I was at a wedding this weekend and the DJ put it on... resulting in an instantly full dancefloor)

Danny kindly passed on some of our finest Brownie Heaven treats to Wheatus. The band were pre-warned about their gifts to get them excited before their gig in Cleethorpes had even begun! 
They had already retweeted our post in excitement before the afternoon had come around.

With Halloween being such a big occasion in America, we felt it was only fair that they tried our Cadbury Screme Egg brownies! 

The band kindly posted about their tasty experience of Brownie Heaven on their social media accounts, we're hopeful that they'll play at our Christmas party... now that we know their weakness is chocolaty based brownies.

Have a look at some of our pictures below, they especially loved our logo! 




Scary 'Selfie' Competition

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Have you seen our 'Halloween Pumpkin Egg' featuring the spooky Cadbury Screme Egg?
Cadbury UK are become frequent 'retweeters' of the egg, they love it!
Now's your chance to WIN your own box of them for FREE, just in time for Halloween.
To Enter: Take a super scary selfie and post it on our Twitter or Facebook page and use our special hashtag #SCREAMFORBROWNIES
The scariest selfie will be announced on Wednesday 22nd of October!

Get involved, it will be lots of fun! Had some brilliant entries already.
(Here's my effort below)



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Brownies in Love on Tinder

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At Brownie Heaven, we are forever receiving orders from one loved-one to another. It's a beautiful gesture to show that you care about someone... but what about those without someone?

That's where we jump in; our brownies are now looking for someone special to love them back! 

With exclusive pictures of brownies shared on a daily basis, Tinder is certainly a way to be following all the fun that our brownies are having.

So how do I find Brownie Heaven on Tinder?
The above picture will appear with; Liam, 24 underneath it.

From there on, you'll be able to chat and find out about latest brownie offers and we may even release some promotional codes as a thanks for finding us.

We are based around Hull/Beverley (East Yorkshire) so you may need to change your settings to get involved with the brownies (As Tinder is all about geography and locations).

Speak to you soon :)


Brownie Heaven


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The beautiful 'Bridget Heaven'

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Something amazing happened last week at Brownie Heaven HQ, we discovered a special brownie... a delicious, dark, chocolate brownie... one which can; talk, tweet and blog!

We named her Bridget Heaven and she is taking over the world of social media!

She loves tweeting and blogging about her life. Want to keep in the loop with what she's doing?


These are the places to find her;


She even blogs on our website:

Bridget is such a busy girl! We don't know how she does it, but she manages to keep up with everything online while working as a Food Technology teacher. She's very funny and great to follow.


Brownie Heaven



NEW - Ferrero Scotch Brownie Eggcelente

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We are excited to announce a new product.

This is Brownie Heaven's latest and 'poshest' edition. Our luxurious egg is inspired by the golden, hazelnut sensation - Ferrero Rocher. This beautiful product is a direct replacement for our incredibly popular 'Cream Egg Scotch Brownie'. 

The posh egg emulates its namesake with layers of crushed hazelnuts and smooth, gooey, Belgian chocolate. The egg also contains Brownie Heaven's signature chocolate brownie with a Ferrero Rocher center. 

This elegant gift is a wonderful way to show affection and appreciation for a loved one.

Online, they come in packs of 4 Eggs per order and are exclusively available at - Rebels' Smokehouse, Beverley (East Yorkshire). - Order here.




Brownie Heaven

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Win a Jaffa Cake Slutty Brownie Mountain

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